• The venue

    Budapest - Hungary

  • Hungexpo

    The main venue will be the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.


    As a result of the revitalization program launched in 2019

    and ending in 2021, the Hungarian capital will be enriched

    with a 21st-century exhibition and conference venue site.

    HUNGEXPO will be the place for the plenary events, technical sessions,

    exhibition, committee meetings and side events.









    Image credit: Hungexpo.hu

  • Materials about the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center


    HUNGEXPO refurbishment and expansion project, incl. video:

    Hungexpo past congresses references

    Hungexpo reference videos:

    Virtual tour

    Virtual tour of the new congress center:

    Virtual tours of HUNGEXPO event halls:

  • Further locations

    IISL Moot Court

    The finals of IISL Moot Court is planned to be organized in the main building of the University of Public Service of Hungary (UPS). The UPS was established in 2012 by merging the College of Police, the Academy of Military and the College of Public Administration. The aim of the institution is to train professionals for domestic and international public administration, the Hungarian Defense Forces and law enforcement agencies. UPS has founded in 2020 the Outer Space and Social Sciences Research Center which is the first and only institutional research hub in Hungary focusing on space law and space policy. UPS is the national point of contact of the ESA European Center for Space law.

    Space Generation Congress

    We identified a potential venue for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). The Space Generation Congress 2024 could be organized at the premises of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in the same campus where SGAC’s 1st European Space Generation Workshop was held in 2016.

    International Meeting for Members of Parliaments

    The International Meeting for Members of Parliaments is planned to be held in the Upper House Chamber of the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building. This elegant room has a seating capacity for 400 persons. Participants will be welcomed by governmental representatives.

    IAA meetings and the IAA Academy Day

    The IAA meetings and the IAA Academy Day could be organized at HUNGEXPO. HUNGEXPO will be the place for the IAF Host Summit and for the IAF/UN Workshop as well.